At Grant Thornton, we believe learning and development opportunities allow you to perform at your best every day. And when you are at your best, we are the best at serving our clients.

Since our inception in Gabon, nearly 40 years ago, training has always been at the center of our strategy.

It is through constant effort and renewed methods that we have developed what is unanimously recognized as a firm's strong point in the development of our human capital.

Service line technical and client service excellence

We offer significant client service-related learning that equips you with the knowledge and skills to support clients in achieving their operational and strategic goals.

We also offer service line learning both within Delta Grant Thornton and through global training on an ongoing basis and also have a range of online reference support.

Locally, we organize an annual Summer Universities, based on a concept that favors workshops and interaction. It allows us to bind our teams around the culture of excellence and to create conviviality.

Our constant concern is to update our content and improve our practices and tools. Innovation in the latter allows us to increase efficiency and improve the quality of our processes and to make continuous learning more flexible.

Grant Thornton platform : LearnConnect 

LearnConnect enrich our training practice through e-learnings, which goes hand in hand with our digital transformation perspective.

It offers a catalog of more than 1,000 modules in the form of courses and training paths including business themes (Audit, Advisory, IFRS), management (Strategy, Organisation, HR), personal development and several other themes from the family of soft skills (personal branding...).

Developing managers and partners

We offer programmes to help managers and partners reach their leadership potential.

  • Senior Leadership Programme: this 12-month learning programme in Harvard Business School (Boston, USA) is designed for national managing partners and senior leaders who are responsible for developing and implementing strategy
  • Advanced Manager Programme: this 12-month learning programme is designed for selected managers and focuses on expanding their global perspective, deepening their engagement and leadership skills, and building a professional network within the global organisation
  • Inspirational leadership: this programme helps create high performance leaders through clear and ambitious goal setting, enhances self-mastery of strengths and the ability to manage emotions, leading to better interpersonal and business outcomes