‚ÄčToday's world demands a culture that embraces change. We welcome new ideas and encourage bringing something new to the table.

We focus on creating physical and virtual environments that promote well-being, psychologically safe places where our professionals can be themselves, able to express themselves, question, contribute fully and expect to be treated with respect and fairness. Our open-minded culture allows for a wide range of opinions that can challenge conventional wisdom.

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Around the world, more than 68,000 people are committed to living our values every day and going beyond their boundaries to deliver a different experience. More personal, more agile and more proactive. So that our people, our customers and our communities can shape the future in a positive way.

Our CLEARR Values


We have six overarching CLEARR values:

Collaboration: ask for help, give help - we work well together.

Leadership: having courage and inspiring others - we challenge ourselves to do our best.

Excellence: finding a better way every time - we are never satisfied.

Agility: think big, act fast - we thrive on change.

Respect: listen and understand, be honest - we create honest relationships.

Accountability: use influence wisely - we are accountable for our actions.