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Global reach, local understanding and capability

Beyond global scale, we embrace what makes each market unique.

Local understanding on a global scale.

With 68,000 people in over 147 markets, our member firms provide the assurance, tax and advisory services, industry expertise and capability you need, wherever you need it. So, whether you’re growing in one market or many, looking to operate more effectively, managing risk and regulation, or realising stakeholder value, we can help you chart the path ahead.

Embedded in the business and wider communities in which they operate, Grant Thornton people adapt to your team, culture, language and business operating and regulatory context, wherever you are in the world.

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Going international? Access a world of resources, connections and expertise

Selling into, supplying or setting up operations in another country can be a step into the unknown. With Grant Thornton, whichever markets your strategy is focused on, we have people in member firms with the experience to guide you. A network of International Business Centre directors (IBCs) co-ordinate access to international teams, resources and global delivery. And international country desks can help you access key international trade and investment corridors. So, wherever you’re looking to go, we can help your business go beyond borders.

A key component of our global strategy is to promote the delivery of consistent, high quality client service worldwide.

Grant Thornton Audit Review

Having a robust process of quality control is one of the most effective ways to guarantee we deliver high quality services to our clients.

To accomplish this, each member firm submits to an inspection of its quality control system under the Grant Thornton Audit Review (GTAR) at least once every three or four years.

The GTAR monitors compliance with professional standards and global audit policies. It is conducted by independent partners and managers from other member firms under the direction of the global audit quality control leader.

The inspection process includes an evaluation of the member firm’s assurance policies, benchmarking these against the international organisation. The team reviews financial statements, audit reports, engagement work papers and files, and interviews partners and staff.

The report on a firm’s quality-control system will report one of the following:

  • suitably designed and operating effectively (an unqualified report)
  • suitably designed and operating effectively except for one or more significant deficiencies (an except-for report)
  • having material weaknesses in the design or operation of the quality-control system (an adverse report).

When the GTAR identifies a deficiency, the member firm is expected to address the deficiency and document its action plan to address the findings within a reasonable period of time and submit appropriate documentation. When follow up actions are required by member firms to address findings identified during the GTAR, a further visit or remote assessment is made to review progress in implementing these actions.


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